Galde My (first) company

A little over a year ago I thought that Galde could become true, but I was not very sure about that. I was working towards the final degree projects in Business Administration and Management and Computer Engineering at the University of Deusto, I found a space on the market for a tool like Galde FAQ, and I was even able to prepare a functional prototype.

Currently, I have found a reality that differs from my original plans. Companies that, although they understand and like the value of the idea, may not be willing to invest in it because they have to do a lot of previous work (and maintenance) so that the tool can be harnessed. Companies that are also doing their best to survive an unprecedented phase of Coronavirus, so they cannot afford to invest in a “experimental” tool such as Galde FAQ.

Despite this fact, this apparently negative feedback is giving me many learnings, the two most relevant being:

  1. The Galde FAQ tool sounds amazing, but it must be oriented to other types of companies and / or contexts.
  2. Galde’s activity cannot be focused solely on the Galde FAQ tool, because there are higher priority digital needs in society due to the crisis that we are going to live.

Mission: Galde as a digital solutions creator

Because of this, I decided to reframe Galde as a “digital solutions creator“, for an environment that, fortunately or unfortunately, is going to become increasingly digital.

Thanks to COVID-19, we have understood that many things that used to be “inconceivable” to be done through technology can be accomplished with it. In fact, the “new normal” situation is not going to be the one we have known until now – among other reasons, due to various aspects that I have been writing over the years in Bennytácora and whose combined effect is now beginning to be perceived in 2020 (autonomous driving & gig economy in the transport market, high-quality online courses, unsustainable pension system & universal basic income, AGI or AI development).

Given these trends (and more that will appear from the combination of them), I will do some promotion of Galde, explaining the 3 main lines of action Galde will cover:

  1. Galde FAQ. The original tool, despite being conceptually innovative, will remain (and be strengthened) in the portfolio of available solutions.
  2. Galde Web. Due to COVID-19, a lot of work and social activity will be done in a mixed format (e.g., combining remote and physical means) over a long period of time, and it is even possible that some of these “attitudes” we learn during this period will stay with us. This can be a good time to see if you need to take your physical store to the virtual world, if the congress / presentation / event you wanted to organize can be done through a webinar, showing the relevant information on a web page, etc. If any of these cases is familiar to you and you want Galde to support you on that path, have a look at the options offered here.
  3. Galde Apps. Like the previous point, you see that although the Play Store (Google) or App Store (Apple) marketplaces are full of apps, you would like to have an application that allows you to manage some recurring problems that you have in your daily activity, regardless of what you do. Here is an example of a project that Galde is working on.

Therefore, if you (or your business / institution / entity) feel identified that any of these three lines may be of interest, do not hesitate to write a message to Galde by filling out this form – any question you have will be answered as soon as possible.

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