Politics… A short digression about politics

Sometimes I do ask myself:

Is the human a political animal?

Well, regarding the idea as it is posted in that link, it seems so. We tend to have social interaction, as well as to build villages, towns, cities, …

Alright. But, do we really know what do we look for when we talk about politics? Some people told me so: “I… am left-sided! The enterprises are baddies, and they should give us more than they actually do )-:”. Or, maybe we can find a guy that has some courage to admit the following: “Bah, left-sided, right-sided, but I don’t know really well what would the people do if they had important positions”. They would maybe follow this sequence:

Mafalda - Satiric vignettes
Mafalda comic.

Translation of the comic:

Teacher: “What are you playing to, kids?”

Kids: “To the Government!”

Teacher: “Well, don’t mess it up, okay?”

Mafalda: “Don’t worry, we won’t do ANYTHING.”

Alright. I still remember when my History teacher used to tell us that:

According to international politics experts, the most adequate situation for a State would be to take turns between a left-sided and a right-sided party.

And it seems clear to me, considering that right parties are more conservative (thus, saving more money), and left parties tend to do more changes (thus, spending more money). Because of that, I find it a bit hard to understand that a person considers itself as “right-sided” or “left-sided”, as then, we could bravely assert that “right-sided people are retrograde” or that “left-sided people only worry about the carpe diem (aka YOLO nowadays), ignoring whatever that happens near them”.

And, even moving out of the economics, an individual changes its standpoint during his life, and it also does “left-sided” and “right-sided” decisions during his life (oh gosh, that’s a crime!). That’s why I link this right/left paradigm to a convenient decision, rather than something else.

And my question here is:

Is there any way to leave that left/right binomial?

I mean, if the politics are a reflection of the society, I wonder why do we keep having this mindset. If I’m not mistaken, everybody during its life has to do some savings and expenditures, or create a routine and make some changes eventually, which is similar. And, in my teacher’s quote, we can see that equilibrium concept underlying. But something I don’t understand is why do we have to keep that balance using the extreme options.

Poor people eating in a social lunchroom

Beggars telling to each other:

– “It is said that politicians are a reflection of the society.”

– “…Dear, they must be having a bad time”.

However, it is true that this left/right binomial had some sense back at the French Revolution times. Those times where many people could hardly survive and where the power was clearly static. Okay. But nowadays, trying to defend some concepts which are 225 years old, and showing them as if they were absolute truths is quite hard for me to believe.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to watch the whole investiture debate, but it made me wonder myself whether I was watching a soap opera or not. I guess the first option would be the winner, and I think I know why: all those destructive comments, stupid fallacies that didn’t generate anything constructive nor interesting. And, in fact, I feel that what people was looking for was an agreement. But nothing happened.

Because of that, every day it becomes harder to me to choose a candidate, as I can see that, below their words and masks, the political parties are quite similar. Maybe the manner of some political parties are different to the others. Well.

So, until someone:

  1. Impresses me with an interesting point of view,
  2. Breaks with this current statu quo,
  3. Shows awareness that a society has to respect both the citizen and the entrepreneur,
  4. Shows a clear intention to erradicate some of the current political corruption and shows a tendency towards the honesty,

I won’t be pretty optimistic in this aspect. Maybe, the best I should consider would be to do what José Saramago illustrated in his novel Seeing. But maybe in that moment I would get “silenced” by the people that were ruling before I actually did my choice. Ugh.

Politician robbing a Policeman

Translation of the comic:

Policeman: “Hey! What are you doing?”

Politician: “Don’t worry, I just take your Christmas pay. Don’t get distracted though, keep on your work.”

[Originally written at March 7th, 2016]

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