Privacy war – Apple Apple, the new 'privacy paladin'

It’s true that I’m not a fanboy of the bitten apple brand, but in this topic they won a bit of my respect.

My curiosity started few days ago, when I read this piece of news from The Guardian. It talks about the requirements the FBI indicated to Apple related to their Privacy Policy, in order to create a backdoor to obtain iPhone users’ information, with the mere purpose of “detecting terrorists”.

I’m not a big genius at this topic, but I guess it has a couple of quick implications:

  1. There is a higher vulnerability. A person that manages to enter to another guy’s iCloud can have a wide variety of information about the invaded person (private pictures, documents, personal details, contacts, …)
  2. Intelligence agencies will have a bigger control of an individual. For instance, if someone wanted to rely on its privacy to have a relaxed life, it won’t be able to hide its details from not any agency at all: FBI, NSA, Mossad, …
Data Protection
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I know that the 2nd bullet seems to be a bit apocalyptic, but I’d like to stress that there are some people that live in fundamentalist regimes which don’t let them be free at their thoughts, such as LGBT people. We, aswell as the rest of the people, want to have a chance and to show our feelings in the same way other people could have, without needing to be fearful of any repressive reactions.

In addition, the Right to the Intimacy is also acknowledged in the 12th Article of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights; that Statement that lots of people like to defend, but ignore it as soon as it is convenient:

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

That’s why I believe that we should try to defend that Right to defend our intimacy, even if it is getting harder nowadays because of the IT centralization. In fact, I pray that we don’t reach to such a constrainted society as the dystopia George Orwell’s 1984 book shows us with the Big Brother. Honestly, I doubt it, but it is an interesting standpoint to consider the reality around us.

Finally, I share a video here that Mozzarella Firefox extended. Interpret it as it fits you best.

[Originally written at February 28th, 2016]

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